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It is important to clean out the intestines for this elective surgical procedure to reduce the risk of post-operative infection. These instructions are important.

Children who are having a cecostomy are admitted one day before the procedure for a complete bowel cleanout.
A.H. Balcom, MD
C.T. Durkee, MD
H.O. Mesrobian, MD

Pre-Operation Diet

Two Days Prior To Admission to the Hospital:
  • Start a "Low Residue" Diet:

    • Noodles, Rice, Saltine Crackers, Melba Toast, White Toast, Clear Broth, Strained Fruit Juice, Tender beef or lamb, Fish, Eggs.

    • NO milk, potatoes, or vegetables. No nuts, seeds, or fiber containing foods.

  • Catheterized Urine for UA/Culture at our office or your primary care Doctor's office.
One Day Prior to Admission to the Hospital:
  • Fleets Enema once, Magnesium Citrate (100cc if less than 5 years of age, 200cc if 5 years or older) by mouth.

  • From Noon on this day, only Clear Liquid diet.
Complete Bowel Clean Out

In The Hospital
  • Arrive at the Hospital before 10:00 AM. Bring catheters with you. Bring your medication bottles with you.

  • A Complete Bowel Cleaning is done. This may include the use of an NG (nasogastric) tube to give the cleansing fluids. Children may also be given enemas and suppositories. Intravenous (IV) fluids are given to keep the child from becoming dehydrated. Antibiotics given by IV will help reduce the risk of infection. Children cannot have anything to eat or drink for several hours before the surgical procedure.