Top 10 Reasons To Get a Cecostomy

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Top 10 List
This Top 10 List was created by a young adult with spina bifida, who had her cecostomy (A.C.E. Procedure) done in May 2002, by Anthony H. Balcom, M.D. It is based on the experiences she has had and the results she has seen with the antegrade enema.

Prior to her cecostomy surgery, she lived the majority of her life centered on her bowel. She always had to consider many factors, when making plans, which played into unexpected bowel accidents, such as: what she ate, when she ate, how much she ate, does she feel well enough to be around others, will she be doing any exercise that could cause problems, and the list goes on and on ...

Although, the cecostomy doesn't change the way her bowel functions, it has given her the ability to manage it better and a new lease on life.

An article entitled, Cecostomy produces many positive life changes, was written by this young adult and published in the July 2002 issue of SBWins, a newsletter published by the Spina Bifida Association of Wisconsin Inc. The article addresses the personal side of how a young adult with spina bifida made the life-changing decision to have the cecostomy surgery.
A.H. Balcom, MD
C.T. Durkee, MD
H.O. Mesrobian, MD

Top 10 Reasons To Get a Cecostomy 

10. You don't have to wash clothes on a daily basis and miss weeks of school at a time due to numerous and uncontrollable bowel accidents.

9. You don't have cramping with every move you make, in fact, it's easier to stand taller and walk farther.

8. The painful force of water from a retrograde enema has been eliminated.

7. You are physically healthier. A successful antegrade enema requires a diet high in fiber and water. You are also able to breathe easier because you no longer have stool pushing on your diaphragm, which gives your lungs more room to breathe. Your risk of bladder infections also decreases.

6. You can relax and enjoy life more. You are able to eat out and be more active, and not worry about having a bowel accident.

5. Your confidence improves dramatically, allowing you to be more social. Here's a little secret: The bowel is connected to the mouth, by way of the stomach and esophagus. If you have stool sitting in your bowel, the odor from the stool can travel up to your mouth and be mistaken for bad breath. By doing the antegrade enema on a regular basis, that odor is gone.

4. You can predict when you are going to have bowel movements because the antegrade enema routine trains the bowel to know when it's time to go to the bathroom.

3. You don't look physically different after you have the cecostomy (A.C.E. Procedure). Nothing artificial is attached to the skin.

2. You have more independence because you are able to do the antegrade enema with little or no assistance.


Note: The Top 10 List is based on the assumption that an antegrade enema is done on a regular basis. Results may vary. The information provided here is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only.